KennerPIM is the most advanced solution for qualitative full-control product information management.

The innovative open-source management system for omnichannel marketing solutions and error-free data distribution.

The best way to modernize, automatize, and speed up different business processes and data exchange.

KennerPIM aims to increase the productivity of all departments by means of the systematization of product information.


KennerPIM is a new-generation product information management (PIM) solution that stands out for its out-of-a-box features and capabilities. This is a must-have tool for retailers, manufacturers, and other business representatives who aspire to boost their project and speed up any processes via qualitative and efficient PIM improvements.

The master product data management takes place with the help of high-grade information categorization, available catalog trees and product families. The actual information is filled into the PIM database or is imported from the third party resources to channel it sufficiently for participants’ usage. This way, the retailers can get product descriptions and other documentation immediately when manufacturers have the opportunity to import data to the KennerPIM system.


The built-in DAM solution makes graphical content optimization absolutely automated that reduces time on product introduction. The KennerPIM open-source data management includes sales channels modifications, visible go-to-market stages, and flexible product model formation that has a positive impact on the Time-2-Market statistics because the product development cycle is reduced.



All-in-one platform for all tasks

The KennerPIM platform is the combined tool both for teamwork, partnership, ecommerce, and other purposes. Find out more about its functionality.


Fast data distribution, modification, and exchange

Now, information is the major value of any project. The KennerPIM system aims to provide market representatives with upmarket PIM solutions and simplify data management at all while turning it into a set of automated processes.


Flexible product data model

The flexible product data model is a core feature of the KennerPIM system. This way users get, create, and share unified, actual, and customized information. This way the database contains a well-understandable architecture, interface, and consistent data items. It significantly improves the Time-to-Market speed.


Time-to-Market Improvements

All modern manufacturers can count on the reliable assistant for their Time-to-Market increased showings. The KennerPIM software contains all the functions to make the product development cycle shorter. As a result, the market outreach becomes larger and faster, the profit and sales - increase as well.


Integration with other external OS

All the data processes will be under the control that improves the total level of business enterprise integration. The unique API-centric architecture makes integration with other external systems that contribute product information management (ERP, CMS, DMS, etc.).


Headless open-source system for PIM

A new-era software with the API-centric headless conception for the best product information management practices. The KennerPIM system provides omnichannel management solutions together with special-purpose options for data customization and categorization.

PIM is a key to success

KennerPIM allows entrepreneurs and retailers to build up the relevant data channels for business boosting, time saving, and excluding the risk of errors.

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