Data Model Implementation

The KennerPIM system provides all the capabilities for efficient data model implementation. All the available administrative options aim to make the modeling of information exceptionally flexible. The innovative methodology for an absolutely fast and mistake-free result is used. The administrator obtains different opportunities for product data configurations through the entity and layout configurators.

Other tools also come in handy when some customization is required. It makes the PIM platform flexible both for the user and administrative tasks. Additionally, each process within the KennerPIM platform is safe and user-friendly. No complicated formulas and coding because almost all data modelling functions are automated.

Data model implementation takes place immediately and round the clock on the demand of the administrator. It is possible to change accounts for better navigation and a higher safety level. The Administration menu is located in the upper right corner. Here the list of available configurations is presented. There are many standard settings for the very beginning, having performed in the form of the table. The list of tags, attributes, and categories can be updated together with product content and graphical files. Data model implementation takes a little time in the KennerPIM system but brings fruitful results.

KennerPIM Data Modeling Tools

Data modelling implementation is a comprehensive process that includes not only model selection but data storage rules and associations to take into account. Each business requires its data model. The KennerPIM software is suitable for any data storage modelling,  providing an exceptional relationship between data elements that meets all the requirements.

All-in-One Data Management Framework

KennerPIM combines all types of data modelling into one big data management system. It means that conceptual, logical, and physical data models are presented in software to make data storage improved and secure.

KennerPIM data modelling characteristics

  • Logical data modelling – it is a process of tech map creation with database structures that are necessary for the fully customized data modelling system.
  • Physical data modelling – it is the practical set of activities for the selected model implementation.

The KennerPIM options provide the combination of tools to complete each type of data modelling mentioned above. A specific database management system (DMS) is used to realize customers’ plans and data storage purposes.

Benefits of Data Flow Management

The database includes well-regulated data items that are stored according to the business demands. This way the possibility of errors in the reports related to information is excluded.

Advantages of data model using: 

  • It is possible to create a new-era database that is edited and enriched on multiple levels.
  • Associations as the form of relation establishment for data elements guarantee risk-free information storage capabilities within a logical level.
  • A physical database, created with the help of big data management tools, provides all the members with a clear way to interact with product items or other components stored in the database.
  • The KennerPIM data management engine implemented into the product information management software allows finding missed items and restoring redundant elements in the database.
  • Our data modelling facilities aim to improve your IT infrastructure and PIM processes faster, safer, and cost-efficiently.

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