Other Functions Users

The KennerPIM platform obtains numerous user functions to take into account. Moreover, they simplify routine tasks, automate document and workflow, reduce the longevity of the product development and release cycle, etc. For example, there is a special option of the product adding through the dynamic logic of the entity field. Here is a list of the supplementary KennerPIM features that transform product information management into the picture-perfect campaign.

Mass Update

The less manual work you need to do; the better final result without errors and duplications you will have. The KennerPIM system obtains the option of the mass update to change some specifications of product positions in the catalog simultaneously. Users need to filter all the goods in the categories and determine those ones that require some renovations. It is worth noting that all KennerPIM clients can change assortment criteria for the mass update.

Notifications & Comments

There is a history of actions to check in the specified section. You can find a notification menu in the Administrator’s setting list or click the bell icon in the top right corner of the KennerPIM system.

For consumers, retailers, contractors, and partners there is the Following option to take into account. For better communication on the platform between representatives of various departments, there is a commenting feature. Additionally, all the KennerPIM users can switch on notifications and get actual information via a built-in announcement system.

And Other Options

It is better to try a free-of-charge demo version to find out about all the available options. Among the most notable supplementary functions of the KennerPIM system are Brands (renowned and new brand management) and Accounts (high-grade account management for more efficient collaborations and exceptional control).

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