User Features

There are numerous functions in the KennerPIM system that makes this open-source product management software absolutely user-friendly and easy-to-use. The main feature is data import & export. Any information transformations are done easily because the process aims to be automated. To make the product information management fast and qualitative, data channels are created. This way all the key information storage becomes safe and well-controlled.

Classification, segmentation, and categorization of data entries are presented as well. Each option is accessible in the form of tables, graphics that make the user experience absolutely picture-perfect. The availability of various attributes with sizes and colours together with category assigning make the database improved and comfortable for use.

All the core user functions are presented in the side menu that can be seen in the free demo version of the KennerPIM system. We offer to get acquainted with each feature separately, or right now to try the unified PIM functionality and experience all accessible options first-hand.

How Do PIM Solutions Improve User Experience?

The KennerPIM open source asset management software provides improvement of:

  • data
  • collaboration quality
  • customer experience. 

The PIM system aims to deliver customers access to relevant product information. This way the user experience rates are improved. With the help of qualitative open source product management software, it is possible to cut down customers’:

  • Complaints;
  • Frozen check-out sections;
  • Shopping cart abandonment;
  • Returns of purchased goods;
  • Reduced orders.

The KennerPIM product data management open source software gives an exceptional opportunity to provide owners and e-commerce players detailed product information that includes the availability of catalogue items in stock, photos, how-to content, etc. Among bottom-line benefits for users are also multi-channel purchase experience, easy product search, and affordable costs.

Speaking about the last aspect, reduced costs are possible for businessmen who count on the open-source product management tools because re-keying information input is excluded while the supply channels are improved. This way customer experience is increased – users can buy goods at lower costs on the e-commerce platform with an integrated KennerPIM system.

Open source store management software User Functions

Product distributors, suppliers, e-commerce managers, and other representatives of teamwork flows become users of the KennerPIM open source IT management software. Each of them can add some improvements and new product information while the administrator is responsible for the confirmation of all the updates.

For example, the supplier recommends several improvements for the text descriptions of the product items he supplies to your retail store. A retailer as the administrator of the KennerPIM system decides on suggested changes and confirms them or declines any data modification.

User functions presented in the KennerPIM desktop management open source software simplify the level of collaboration significantly. Data governance teams, marketers, and managers can use the PIM system and modify product information remotely. The administrator and users collaborate in real-time mode and get a sufficient omnichannel experience.

Supplementary KennerPIM User Functions

To try any user function that is available in the KennerPIM open-source product management software, try a demo version of the system. This is the best way to explore the functionality first-hand.

 Take a closer look at several supplementary options performed in the KennerPIM system:

1. Queue Manager – is executed in the background mode. The pop-up menu appears in the right upper corner of the screen to inform users and administrators about the latest information about products. The notifications about product feeds are also displayed there.

2. Quick Create Button – the helpful option both for users and administrators. Allows marketers, retailers, suppliers, and other representatives of the project team to create new records in several clicks. Also allows creating new pieces of data from anywhere (if you have access to the KennerPIM digital asset management software open source).

3. Preferences & Last Viewed – these functions are presented in the side menu for better navigation. Add to preferences those entries that are required or open the Last-Viewed section to edit or find out about new-added data.

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