Data Classification, Categorization, Segmentation

Besides catalogues and categories that can be easily created for goods assortment, product data assortment takes place with the help of high-level automated information classification. Each category can compose a separate-standing category tree. This way the parent category appears while all the lower-division groups will be called child categories.

KennerPIM users can implement convenient filters to see all the product items presented in one category tree. At the same time, several catalogues can build up a category tree. For example, electronic appliances are performed in the TV catalogue, Cameras catalogue, and Video section.

This kind of categorization is very comfortable for entrepreneurs with a big range of goods to sell. Especially, when they need to make a segmentation of product content from several suppliers. At the same time, one manufacturer cannot obtain more than one category. The modern retailers also can see the benefit of the KennerPIM functionality because all their product items will be well-segmented and performed in various themed groups.

The KennerPIM categorization allows users to add numerous photos to complement product text descriptions and each category with qualitative graphical content. The classification procedure is very flexible because only one product position can be related to several categories at the same time. For better navigation, sub-categories are used. It helps to create a big product family and logical category tree.

It is worth mentioning the available tagging option that allows KennerPIM clients to assign various tags to their products. Each user obtains unlimited options for catalog and classification updates that make together with product attributes and families all the presented PIM solutions well-customized.

Why Do Data Classification, Categorization, and Segmentation Matter?

The KennerPIM product information management software offers uniform recording to make product data high-quality and relevant. For this purpose, data categorization, segmentation, and classification tools are provided.

Both manufactures and wholesalers can benefit from the KennerPIM information classification, data segmentation, and categorization options because:

1. PIM data management reduces the risk of errors, irrelevant information, broken data items, and incorrect details.

2. The product information becomes simply available to customers and retail partners, management staff, etc.

3. Printable well-structured materials are accessible for wholesalers and suppliers.

4. Immediate collaboration routine that leads to faster product distribution and increases sales.

5. Less manual work and a well-managed database of products for any business and commercial purposes.

6. Fast import to any corporate database or ERP system that simplifies numerous tasks and excludes the human-done errors during the import procedure.

More About PIM Solutions via Classification, Categorization, and Segmentation of Data

  • Data segmentation is one of the key aspects of sufficient customer data management. The KennerPIM software offers the best conditions for the creation of marketing channels and SSO identity management. The data segmentation options are about the logical manner of the information storage.
  • Data categorization provides multi-level product hierarchies for better navigation and product information management in general. The tree of categories simplifies search tasks and corrective actions to the product descriptions, etc. The main benefit of data categorization is the possibility to rule out duplication of data entries. Data categorization includes relationship establishment between products and linking when it comes to related entities.

Data classification includes three types of information processing. The KennerPIM provides user-based, context-based, and content-based information classification that makes software an all-in-one PIM system for the management of sensitive, end-user data, contextual information.

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