Key Features

KennerPIM is notable for a wide range of helpful functions for sufficient product information management. Users get an all-in-one system with numerous features to count on. Manufacturers, retailers, and business representatives will find exceptional PIM tools for their workflow updates and automation of business processes.

It is worth noting that all available functions are separated into two groups: user and administrative options. It makes navigation better, and each KennerPIM client can create a customized product content management road map and channels for higher performance.

Data Modeling for Channels Exposition

KennerPIM allows manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and entrepreneurs various modifications and variations due to the wide range of functions in the open-source system for high-grade PIM campaigns. The list of accessible tools is well-understandable, and navigation will not cause some difficulties. Data modelling is a key option to make the product information absolutely actual and ready to use.

The KennerPIM flexible data modelling makes it possible to create absolutely customized product descriptions and other features that are not related to the product. Any entity that is necessary for business process formation can become a subject of the modelling practice and improve any information modification chain or any PIM stage of the project. This is a notable feature of the KennerPIM software that marks out this product information management system from other PIMs.

KennerPIM clients can use attributes for better product descriptions, create online channels for different business purposes. Additionally, all the product items can be:

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