Why Do Manufacturers Need KennerPIM?

Companies that produce some branded goods require high-grade product information management tools as well. A huge amount of data needs to be checked, processed, and categorized. Any mistake is a big risk for manufacturers of any size. Well-organized and well-constructed product information allows producers to achieve success and obtain bigger market outreach faster.

PIM for Time to Market

The key benefit of the KennerPIM master data management system for manufacturers is its capability to provide the best conditions for the Time-2-Market. The speed of product introduction to the market is very important for each e-commerce project. Our best free PIM software help manufacturers to reduce their product development cycle in times with the help of the following options:

  • Product onboarding from several suppliers simultaneously.
  • Automated workflow for better performance and process speed.
  • High-quality error-free data without duplication.
  • Categorization of products, product families, and catalogue tries.
  • Faster navigation and search of goods via attributes, descriptions, etc.
  • Well-seen go-to-market stages and procedures.
  • Management of sales channels (their publication, syndication, etc.) in several clicks.

When it comes to your personal brand promotion an open-source system for master data management is required. You contact advertisers, retailers, and other partners. Not to miss any profitable connection, the PIM solutions are used.

Other Benefits of KennerPIM for Producers

  • Qualitative product information management for cost-savings and time efficiency.
  • Fast data handling including SKUs, text and graphical content, documentation, attributes, etc.
  • All-in-one system for your routine tasks with data processing (no mess – only catalogues, categories, and well-built database).
  • The centralized platform where all the necessary information is stored, changed, added, refreshed, and so on.
  • More opportunities for collaborations and stable relationships with standing partners you would never miss.
  • Simplified document flow; lower risk of any errors and mistakes.
  • The opportunity to build customized channels for own purposes (sales, promotions, partnership).
  • Localization of your business and unlimited abilities for project development via KennerPIM.

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