API is the application programming interface that makes product information management systems integrated with other online resources (websites, applications, e-commerce platforms, etc.). The KennerPIM API provides high-level data integration with various shopping carts, marketplaces, and other digital platforms.

Combine PIM solutions with the special-purpose application programming interface to create a unique software workflow.

The KennerPIM data integration tools are combined with product information management opportunities to make the omnichannel model of product distribution extremely convenient and secure. All the operations, sources, third-party platforms that are required PIM solutions are integrated with API.

KennerPIM strives to provide the best client service, that is why we give an ability to test our API with a collaboration platform for API development – KennerPIM API Postman. Here, we show the strong API capabilities, what our API can do and how it works.

Why Particularly KennerPIM Data Integration Platform?

The KennerPIM data integration software aims to provide relevant, actual, and correct information about products and digital assets through multiple channels. It is worth noting that digital asset information is usually high-scale and requires very secure, reliable, and fast database feed specifications. Use PIM API for the integration of product information management solutions with users’ shopping carts and marketplaces.

Select data integration solutions to transform software, networks, and other users’ facilities into one software workflow with sync product data, customized product catalogs, regular reporting, and monitoring options.

The KennerPIM set of data integration services also includes:

1. PIM API integration with shopping carts, marketplaces, retail websites, and so on.

2. PIM operation management via an all-in-one system.

3. Additional data integration techniques (up-to-date information provision through multiple channels according to the users’ requirements).

4. One integration takes place for connection to any number of digital platforms and channels.

5. TCO is significantly minimized making the KennerPIM e-commerce data integration more budget-friendly and efficient for omnichannel facilities.

6. KennerPIM API integrates product data with the mobile applications and SAP apps as well.

SAP application programming interface allows users to establish interactions with SAP apps easily. This is the best way to act in the condition of the multi-channel scenario and data modeling.

The KennerPIM API for Streaming Data Integration

The KennerPIM API allows users to import product lists with any file information and additional details (digital assets with pictures, tags, attributes, and descriptions). Send product info online or in the form of printable materials. For example, e-commerce players and retailers can try the option of the product data sending directly to the eBay or Amazon listings.

Searching for streaming data integration? Try the KennerPIM API demo version first-hand. Go through KennerPim REST API documentation. Create an open data e-commerce software workflow or initiate a risk-free integration of product data with any marketplace, website, or application.

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