Why Do Retailers Need KennerPIM?

The KennerPIM system is the best solution for retailers because it helps representatives of e-commerce to organize well their product information including word and graphical content. The large volume of data is not impossible to manage and control. The mistake-free performance is available due to the various user and administrative features presented in the KennerPIM open source data management software

Key Benefits for Retailers

Let’s take a closer look at the retail sector and the key benefits of KennerPIM for these business representatives. If you are a successful retailer of a businessman who has just started his project, check the main advantages of the open-source PIM system we provide:

  • Preparation and customization of the product catalogs via KennerPIM system.
  • The opportunity to provide exceptional omnichannel experience.
  • Advanced e-marketing and ecommerce campaigns.
  • All-in-one platform to centralize, assemble, and categorize all the actual data.
  • Cross-border commerce solutions for international market outreach.
  • Efficient workforce organization, qualitative and fast data distribution.
  • The capability to create own channels not to miss any supplier.
  • All possible collaborations and available sales channels are well-visible.
  • Control under all the PIM processes both from the PC and pocket screens.
  • Easy information modification, packing, updating etc.
  • Localization of digital projects for better user experience and inter-channel communications.
  • Cost and time savings, simplified changes, implementation of automated processes.

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