Try KennerPIM

One experience is much better than words. We recommend trying our open-space system for a quality product information experience for free. Experience KennerPIM open-sources data management system right now to make your workflow and business processes more efficient. Each willing client is able to gain access to all available functionalities of our PIM platform. Try the demo version of the KennerPIM system to see the true benefits for yourself:

  • Try a wide range of administrative and user features;
  • Transform your product database for higher performance;
  • Find more profitable opportunities for cooperation organization;
  • Get a fully configurable system to make your market outreach bigger;
  • Enrich and distribute your product data without mistakes and duplications.

If you are ready for new-generation PIM solutions and would like to experience KennerPIM first-hand, it is the right time to try all the functions presented in our free demo version.

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