Product and Digital Asset Management

Find the Products button in the left-centred KennerPIM menu and create new items according to the online form for each new product unit. It is worth noting that the process will not take much time because day after day your database will become more detail-filled. The more catalogues, product families, and attributes; the faster the searching procedure and product distribution will be. Users should specify the type, catalogue, product family, SKU, and other information on the new position.


Digital asset management (DAM) is also at a high level because there are various ways to optimize product content and create the best conditions for professional collaborations. The main idea of the KennerPIM DAM is to convert, exploit, and curate corporate data assets efficiently. Qualitative digital asset management takes place with the help of the flexible product asset model. DAM solves various problems with graphical content at once. Users can count on:

  • Automated image arrangement function;
  • Picture customization
  • Media storage for other graphical content.

The exceptional flexibility of this PIM platform can impress newcomers. Users select currencies, languages, create supplier chains, and customize their product categories according to their demands. Numerous pictures of the highest quality, TIF, PSD files, documents of other formats, product information management PDF files can be added to product descriptions. Customer experience benefits of actual information, good graphical content, and upmarket entries provided timely.

KennerPIM Software for Digital Asset Management

KennerPIM obtains DAM functions and features, so can be called modern digital asset management software. The system is about digital asset flexibility and portability. Users have an opportunity to distribute any files (assets) most comfortably. This is a real solution for the omnichannel data model.

The KennerPIM digital asset management system aims to provide retailers, business representatives, players of the e-commerce sector with the best DAM tools to force their projects to achieve global reach.

What Are Digital Assets? How Are They Managed?

The asset is about some piece of content with metadata that describes the file and improves its management properties. For example, an image + its metadata are digital assets. Among the key purposes of the KennerPIM digital asset management solution is to make the asset (its metadata and content) definable and high-grade.

DAM system not only manages digital assets but processes, accelerates, and monitors them. KennerPIM provides various digital asset management tools as a set of new-era PIM solutions (categorization, customization, data segmentation, asset classification).

Digital Asset Management – DAM Solutions by KennerPIM

KennerPIM digital DAM solutions are oriented for asset management together with replicated storage and collaboration opportunities. Manage digital assets and any product items via the function of the Back-Office integration.

Speaking about the KennerPIM product management agile,  PAM solutions include:

  • Data processing – smart digital asset tagging, custom metadata creation, and other options.
  • Digital asset acceleration – it is possible to initiate multi-CDN acceleration with the help of a product information management system.
  • Digital asset monitoring – KennerPIM users can monitor digital assets globally and increase the range of their marketing capabilities with the help of world-scale delivery performance monitoring.

The KennerPIM software makes it possible to monitor real users as well together with digital asset management and improved modifications through DAM tools. Technology and innovative approach allow to update the functionality for digital asset management. Users get a secure repository for digital asset creation, improvements, management, and monitoring.

Distribute products and monetize digital assets with a customer-centric and flexible open-source DAM system!


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