Why Particularly Us?

The KennerPIM team consists of experienced specialists who make a specialty out of ecommerce systems and omnichannel marketing solutions. The main task of the KennerPIM developers was to create an open-source system of new generation that is able to simplify the routine tasks related to information with the help of our cross-functional PIM solutions. The KennerPIM set will come in handy for entrepreneurs, retailers, manufacturers, and other willing groups of people who would like to obtain ready-done data integration tools and well-thought product information management solutions on data model formation.

Our dedicated team aims to reduce the number of complicated tasks and exclude the risk of errors when it comes to product information. Now, product information management is possible across numerous channels without loss and duplication of any key details. With the high-grade product localization and data distribution through international e-connectors, the KennerPIM team presents business representatives new capabilities where the globally-renowned marketplaces are ready to be brought into subjection.

We understand that giant companies and flagship producers together with leading retailers count on us. That is why we test all the functions available in the KennerPIM system and provide you with cross-functional software to experience our PIM solutions firsthand.

KennerPIM is a well-thought platform with almost unlimited capabilities for product information management. There are both user and administrative features to opt for. It means that each member of your project team will find some indispensable functions to use. Create data channels and data catalogues to deliver actual data immediately, add new product items, and change the description of the previous market entries

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