Administrative Features

KennerPIM contains a separate-standing category of function for administration. It includes data modeling options and entity configuration capabilities. All the settings are available in the form of convenient tables and graphical content. All the administrative functions aim to take control under data information and needful changes faster and mistake-free.

Additionally, the KennerPIM open-source product information management system provides administrators with a high-level safety because authorization options are well-thought. Layout management is available together with modifications of roles, teams, and modules. You can run system updates and avoid extra coding with the help of the KennerPIM administrative functions.

Configure settings in several clicks and maintain a hold of the product information management without any problems both from PC and pocket screens. Both users and administrative functions make numerous data variations possible. Experience all the new-generation PIM privileges first-hand through the free demo version of the system right now.

Who is an Administrator in the KennerPIM System?

It is a responsible person for most of the processes related to product data entry. The KennerPIM administrative functions are almost unlimited for e-commerce project owners, marketers, and other business representatives. The administrator can manage e-commerce product entry services, determine business needs, and confirm entity changes.

In comparison with Shopify product data entry services, the KennerPIM system provides administrators with key performance indicators and opportunities for their definition, measurement, and reporting.

This way product data managers of any business project can:

  • Determine taxonomy together with attributes, user demands, hierarchies, etc.
  • Manage multiple projects at the moment and work efficiently in the ever-changing digital environment;
  • Implement PIM-based solutions to the networks;
  • Monitor project progress and update the lists of entities in the real-time mode;
  • Define, support, confirm, and decline changes related to attribute groups, categorization, integration points, etc.

Administrative Product Data Entry Services by KennerPIM

The range of administrative functions is presented in the Administration section. Here, many setting-up opportunities will allow creating to come in handy if you are a marketer, data science product manager, and other responsible specialists for the administrative architecture of the project. Let’s take a closer look at the Customization section in the Administrator’s menu of the KennerPIM system.

There are three sections to take into consideration:

1. Layout Manager – settings for layout customization (any improvements of lists, search, mass updates, etc.);

2. Entity Manager – creation, editing, and any kind of entity modification that will come in handy if you are a product manager (data science expert);

Label Manager – customization tools for label application (better visualization and improved customer experience).

Supplementary KennerPIM Functions

To try any user function that is available in the KennerPIM system, try the demo version of the system. This is the best way to explore the functionality first-hand.

 Take a closer look at several supplementary options performed in the KennerPIM system:

  • Queue Manager – this function is executed in the background mode. The pop-up menu appears in the right upper corner of the screen to inform users and administrators about the latest information about products. The notifications about product feeds are also displayed there.
  • Quick Create Button – the helpful option both for users and administrators. It allows marketers, retailers, suppliers, and other representatives of the project team to create new records in several clicks. It is worth noting that Quick Create Button allows creating new pieces of data from anywhere (if you have access to the KennerPIM e-commerce product data services).
  • Preferences & Last Viewed – these functions are presented in the side menu for better navigation. Add to preferences those entries that you require (of your interest) or open the Last-Viewed section to edit or find out about new-added data.

The hot button in the right upper corner of KennerPIM menu is the configuration of entities. The Administrator undertakes configurations, and users can see the list of entities that are available for creation (and are readily configured by the Admin).

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