Channels and Catalogs

As it was mentioned before, catalogs and data channels make product information management accomplished, because the availability of segmentation and assortment improves workflows and user experience. Let’s take a closer look at each function and supplementary options that go together with channels and catalogs in the KennerPIM system.


The main task that channels solve is information sharing and storage. The user can create numerous distribution channels according to his demands. For example, some will go for ecommerce platforms, another channel will contain printable materials. There is a separate-standing section for channel specifications and configurations. Choose it in the side menu and create the number of channels you need. Find a button at the right upper corner of the page.

Specify needful information on your new channel to make it active. It is necessary to fill ownership information and other overview details as well. To specify the following operations with channels, at the very beginning users select the proper language, location, and currency.

All channels aim to make data information management faster and absolutely well-thought. Avoid duplication of product content and other mistakes this way. These are your distribution channels that benefit your business and speed up your professional progress.


Catalogs regularize all corporate entities and simplify the search of products. The possibility of duplication reduces as well. The process of new catalog forming is the same as in the Channels section. Click the button and specify all needful information. Almost unlimited opportunities for catalog assortment is available.

Catalogs include name, the entity code, and the category of catalog positions. The section of Categories is available in the menu as the separate-standing option as well. For immediate catalog, categories searching, use a search box and a filter to divide all entities into several groups (Only My, Only Active).

KennerPIM users can create supplier catalogs or corporate ones for internal usage. For better navigation and advanced channel creation, there are sub-catalogs to divide products even more conveniently and efficiently into separate-standing groups.

Product Catalogue Management

Catalogue data is a key tool for PIM strategy implementation. The KennerPIM system offers well-managed functions for product catalogue creation, editing, distribution via multiple channels. It is possible to integrate any needful products into the existing catalogues or create a new one for special-purpose product items. Data channels in KennerPIM require digital product catalogue functionality.

Out-of-the-box PIM catalogue management offers to create data catalogues and deliver critical product content most efficiently. Collect catalogue item information and add digital assets, specifications, marketing materials in any language and make this process maximally automated and error-free.

KennerPIM E-Commerce Product Catalog Management

KennerPIM e-commerce data catalogue tools are combined with other product information management options. Each new catalogue will contain the code, description, and product list below. It is easy to enrich it and distribute the catalogue data via any form and device as well.

KennerPIM is notable for improved data segmentation with the help of PIM catalogue creation, editing, and sharing capabilities. Additionally, the software is the guarantee of the high-level product experience management (PXM) that bring better:

  • conversion rates;
  • customer satisfaction;
  • higher e-commerce outcomes.

The retailer or an e-commerce manager as a KennerPIM user can see and edit the catalogue name, code, and descriptions. The lists of categories and products are presented below the key catalogue information. The latest changes are on the catalogue modifications and updates. Use the most user-friendly data catalogue software to improve business processes and boost the productivity of e-commerce sales and support teams.

Product Catalogue Management System for Long-Tail Retailers

The best way to improve long-tail retail chains is to use KennerPIM channels. Simplify and speed up the publishing of the product information in the omnichannel model at once. It is difficult to distribute data on catalogue items if they are stored in a separate-standing database and are not managed well.

The information on channels can be edited, exported, and customized with the help of added relations. All these options force the retail chain to perform better and more efficiently.

The KennerPIM also offers a wide range of classifying and standardizing options to avoid errors in the manual search.

Searching for the best way to improve your long-tail marketing strategy? Try the KennerPIM system for your retail campaign.  High-grade catalogue information management and omnichannel approach will increase bulk sales and improve inventory organization in one digital storage place.

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