This option is helpful for high-quality collaboration organization. Any KennerPIM client can create both supplier and distributor portals. But it does not mean that this function is helpful for organizational tasks related to manufacturers and retailers. Portals aim to simplify the collaboration of the enterprise with different contractors and service providers like:

  • SEO masters, content managers, copywriters;
  • Designers, webmasters, photographers;
  • Other collaborators.

Supplier Portal

The KennerPIM user can create an almost unlimited amount of portals to organize his cooperation channels well. Supplier portals and all supplementary options that are available in the system aim to help distributors to build up standing relationships with suppliers and contractors.

All the vendors and manufacturers are added to the local database and obtain their accounts to classify all the product data and their offers. This way the portal becomes your reliable source of actual data on new market entries from producers and your contractors.

Distributor Portal

This way the KennerPIM user can share some key information, photos, and other content on product items with his distributors. Having provided access to the distributor portal, you can get up to speed on the up-to-date product information with SEO masters, retailers, copywriters, photographers, and other partners.

There is a special Export Feeds module for this purpose – all the data entries become available to your contractors and distributors. See how it works yourself, having tried the free demo version of KennerPIM.

Main Features of the KennerPIM Supplier Portal

KennerPIM Supplier portal provides an exceptional opportunity to supply information directly to partners, customers, manufacturers, teammates. The editing options are also available.

Read more about key features of the Supplier portal by KennerPIM:

  • Creation of the improved workflow and product flows. 
  • Data maintenance outsourcing is accessible and flexible according to the individual requirements of the project.
  • Unlimited settings to make any product item and any product association visible to the supplier.
  • All the editing marks can be easily reviewed. 
  • All the changes done by suppliers are approved by the responsible body of your project 

Our Supplier PIM portal aims to speed up the interaction between the business representatives and e-commerce project owners with suppliers. It is a safe way to share product information, ensure distributed information quality, and get timely following-up from suppliers.

Main Features of the KennerPIM Distributor Portal

The KennerPIM portal for distributors is flexible and user-friendly.

 Key features of the Distributor PIM portal

  • A range of available editing and publishing features provided to distributors.
  • Media file distribution and category-level access determining.
  • PDF printouts are available together with the application of branding elements and watermarks.
  • Metadata and asset configuration.

The KennerPIM Supplier and Distributor portals are easy-to-use because there are only two procedures:

  • Prepare data material for sharing and provide access to suppliers or distributors of interest.  
  • Define special-purpose details like the category of the product item or its attributes.


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