Primary Benefits

KennerPIM is an exclusive product information management solution with a wide range of options to bank on. The new-generation system is a must-have one for representatives of different spheres of activities. Let’s take a closer look at the primary benefits of the KennerPIM platform.

KennerPIM Benefits


Product data management becomes better

This is the commonplace truth, but it is worth mentioning that any kind of work with information becomes less complicated. All the data turns out to be structured, segmented, well-understandable, and easy-to-find. The duplication and human-factor mistakes are reduced to a minimum.


Unique API-centric software architecture

The all-in-one product information management solution based on the ultimate technology to provide users with extremely flexible data model formation and high-grade integration of the product information system with other data management tools and platforms related to PIM (ERP, CMS, DMS, etc.).


Omnichannel Commerce

The main idea of the KennerPIM product information management system is to provide users a central platform for numerous distribution channel creation. This approach makes the new-era omnichannel commerce possible. Each market representative demonstrates its B2B or B2C presence, delivers or finds a proper product in the right place.


Flexibility and modification capabilities

Users get the Kenner product information management software that is highly-customizable. The main functions of data integration, distribution, and modification can be supplemented with additional options. Users can count on the highest performance and improved visualization.

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