Entity and Layout Configurator

There are various capabilities for entity and layout configurations for administrators of the KennerPIM system. Speaking about entities, it is worth noting that any catalog position, report, description, and other content. The KennerPIM functionality allows users to become competent administrators when it comes to any configuration in his or her account. Let’s take a look at the accessible capabilities related to entity configurations and layout settings.

Entity Configurator

This option is available in the menu of Administrator’s settings. The entity manager or configurator allows the entity to create and manage other data items. Be ready to mention type, label information, icon, color of the entity, and other details. Look at the screen to see the entity configurator menu.

It is recommended to run any refreshments according to your project demands and requirements of your business strategy. The KennerPIM platform has a very flexible set of functions, settings, and configurations including:

  • Regulation of dynamic fields;
  • Entity creation;
  • Creation of optimal relations between entities;
  • Other aspects.
Layout Configurator

The KennerPIM users can add new panels and significantly change their layout settings. The configurations are available for each page and section of the PIM system. You need to be the administrator of your account and find needful preferences. Remember that customized layouts are the key to your comfortable and productive KennerPIM use.

It is worth noting that the KennerPIM platform has an absolutely responsive interface that makes any experiments with layout settings possible. For an absolutely convenient experience and efficient product information management, use the drag-and-drop tool for field regulation, filters on the pages, and a mass update option that will speed up any refreshments.

Entity & Layout Managers of the KennerPIM Open-Source PIM Software

Corporate and e-commerce data modelling requires an exceptionally new-era approach to different task undertakings. To configure and manage the data model sufficiently, the KennerPIM entity and layout managers are developed. These are two drag-and-drop configurators that are suitable for any data modelling modifications and improvement.

The entity & layout managers by KennerPIM are an ideal solution for effective enterprise product data management or comprehensive data modelling for an e-commerce project.

That both configurators provide a wide range of customization options for high-level PIM product management:

1. The Entity manager is used for data model configurations through the Admin panel. Create new entities or modify existing ones in the system. Set any relations needed by your business requirements.

2. The Layout configurator allows administrators to update and modify any user interface with the help of the drag-and-drop option. The configurations take place in several clicks. Change the panels for related entities to customize the configuring interface.

Why PIM Product Management Is About Customization and Personalized Experience?

The KennerPIM software includes Entity & Layout configurators that improve user experience and provide high-grade customization. Data modelling configurations deliver a personalized experience to users and bring higher product impressions.

Data model modifications are about:

  • fully-customized customer experience;
  • personalized user experience;
  • higher conversions;
  • increased interaction with the e-commerce platform or a retailer project.

The KennerPIM software offers a wide range of tools for product impression data optimization that improves all the stages of your data distribution. Product impression is counted for any product and is considered as a relevant metric for retailers, sellers, e-commerce sector players.

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