Modules Manager and System Updates

The Administrator section contains the option of module management that allows users to install, uninstall, and update any modules. The KennerPIM system notifies when some of the modules are in conflict and disturb any operations.

At the same time, administrators see and can choose new system updates in the program. Both frequent refreshments and rather significant improvements are available. It is necessary to open the Administrative menu and find the modules manager. Here, you can see all the accessible updates for your system.

It is worth noting that KennerPIM users have an opportunity to agree or disagree with offered improvements. Some of the system updates are available for activation or deactivation at the Admin’s option. The modules manager is presented in the form of the table and contains the following sections:

  • Name of the module to be activated or deactivated;
  • Short description of the planned improvement;
  • Setting versions;
  • The current version of the module (that is used for the KennerPIM system at the moment);
  • Required specifications;
  • History of updates and current status.

The out-of-the-box module management is possible due to the modern Composer technology implementation. This innovative technical solution allows Admins of the KennerPIM system to run any improvements both manually in several clicks and automatically. It is worth noting that the Administrator can define some needful refreshing on an individual basis or make a schedule of system updates to be done in default.

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