Question 1

What is a PIM platform?

PIM platform is a set of tools and processes that aims to centralise all information in one user-friendly source.

Question 2

What is PIM software used for?

PIM software is used for creating, enriching, controlling, planning product data. Also is used for marketing, SEO analysing and optimisation.

Question 3

How much does a PIM cost?

The price depends on the type of chosen PIM system. Each PIM system usually has a free demo version and several editions, the price for them can be checked on the website or on request.

Question 4

Why does e-commerce need a PIM?

PIM optimises e-commerce processes, saves time on boring manual work and gives the ability to easily keep in touch with all departments and partners.

Question 5

How to implement a PIM?

Select a PIM vendor like KennerPIM who provides full customer support to easily integrate a PIM system and organise all the workflows.  Or do it by yourself and follow the plan:

  • Gather all the product data.
  • Check all the data for errors and unnecessary elements.
  • Make a data plan. (how will information fit into the system?)
  • Check all the data one more time for the smallest errors like duplicates, strange characters.
  • Make a test and download a small part of the data to see how it will look like.
  • Start the full migration.

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