The Best Product Information Management Software in 2021

Having problems with optimizing business? Too many products to manage and information getting out of the order?   

Kenner Soft Service GmbH, a software company specializing in the field of e-commerce development, is happy to introduce a new KennerPIM – open-source Product Information Management software designed for solving complex problems of the e-commerce market. It is an advanced solution for e-businesses that allows having full control over product information management.

What is a PIM system? What does it stand for? 

Product Information Management, or PIM in short, is a process/set of processes for managing product data or information, e.g. evaluating, identifying, storing, distributing data. PIM’s main task is to support a multichannel marketing strategy providing the central management and maintenance of the entire type of raw data, product content, or any related information.

Based on the PIM system, KennerPIM software is an innovative open-source management system developed for omnichannel marketing solutions and accurate data distribution.

Why do modern businesses need PIM?

Why do modern businesses need PIM

PIM is not a simple tool for product information management. The system has many functions and instruments, presented below, all of which are not just useful but rather inevitable for modern successful business and process automation.

  • Product Data Management;  
  • Product Resource Management;
  • Product Catalogue Management;  
  • Product Information Management; 
  • Product Image Management;
  • Product Content Management; 
  • Product Data Management; 
  • Item Master;
  • Product Resource Management.

How to select the right PIM solution? 

Comparison of TOP 3 best choices

Before exploring the table below, just give yourself a couple of minutes to answer those crucial questions:

  • What are your business project objectives and scope?
  • Define your individual business needs. What is needed to meet them? 

And then look for corresponding PIM solutions.

Comparison of the TOP 3 best PIM Solutions

KennerPIM vs Akeneo vs Pimcore 

Short description

  • Akeneo is a technology company that develops product information management software and product data software to improve customer experience. Provides Experience Management solutions that assist merchants and other brands with customer experience delivery across all sales channels.
  • Pimcore’s MDM is a free and open-source content management system, designed to manage customer service, digital assets, product information, multi-channel publishing, and e-commerce. Combines PIM, Mobile device management, Digital Asset Management, and e-commerce.
  • KennerPIM is a relatively young Product Information Software that deals with complex e-commerce problems. It has numerous options of data processing, channel/portal creation, catalogue forming, and many other options. Considered the best way to categorize, update, transform product items nowadays.
Web-basedyes, on-premisesyes, on-premises or cloud-basedyes, on-premises or cloud-based
Industry SpecificB2B & B2C
Small businesses
B2B & B2C 
Small businesses
B2B & B2C 
TechnologiesPHP, MySQL/MariaD, JavaScriptPHP, MySQL/MariaDBPHP, ExtJS, MySQL/MariaDB
SupportSupported by the in-house development team. 
Premium support possible for customers with Support Agreements.  
Provides qualitative customer support and helps new users with the integration of a PIM in all stages
Free Community Support / Premium Support possible only for Enterprise EditionFree Community Support / Premium Support possible only for Enterprise Edition
Data exchange
Data import/exportyesyesyes
Data qualityModules for control and improvement of the product data quality by measuring the completeness of data.
Validation workflow for data quality controlData quality control
ConnectorsERP, CMS, DMS, etc.ERP, CMS, DMS, etc.ERP, CMS, DMS, etc.
Product Management Featuresa similar set of complex PIM functionalitiesa similar set of complex PIM functionalitiesa similar set of complex PIM functionalities
Supplier Portalsyesnoyes, with additional programming
Distributor Portalsyesnoyes, with additional programming
System Updatesyesyesyes
User Interface
Users managementyesyesyes
Roles managementyesno, available only in Akeneo Enterprise Editionyes
Teams managementyesyesyes
PricingFree Open Source Edition
Free Community Edition
Enterprise Edition with Support agreement starting at 190 Euro/Month
Free Open Source
Free Community Edition
Enterprise Edition for Annual Subscription – price on request but commonly thousands of Euro
Free Open Source
Free Community Edition
Enterprise Edition for Annual Subscription – price on request but commonly thousands of Euro

Based on this table you can notice that each system provides lots of opportunities. We are recommending trying the demo versions and then choosing the best that meets your needs.

Some more KennerPIM Software opportunities

Important to note that in terms of dashboarding tools and data visualization,  KennerPIM software is surpassing its competitors, as all data for processing is presented in the form of tables, charts, graphs, thus transforming product information management into a picture-perfect campaign.

The implementation and integration process is currently supported by an in-house development team making the whole experience problem-free and fast. Third-party technology partners are currently being added.

The Lowest cost for Premium addition as well as Support Agreement, starting at 190 Euro/month is a much more attractive proposition. Extra modules can be ordered in addition to Free Edition depending on customer requirements making KennerPIM very flexible and price attractive.

Summing up all the above, implementation of PIM software definitely will be an advantage and like a hand of help for e-commerce platforms. KennerPIM system is empowered with all necessary and even some more features to guarantee advanced marketing solutions and error-free data.

Try the demo if you are not sure. Good luck! 

For more detailed information on KennerPIM software, we recommend you to visit PIM solution | KennerPIM: Product information management. Already wanted to try a KennerPIM product, our free demo version is at your disposal  https://demo.kennerpim.com/

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